Verstappen: Blue my favourite colour but I'd take Silver also

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Max Verstappen has less than discreetly suggested he would accept a seat at Mercedes if Red Bull wasn't an option.

The Dutchman is expected to be the most sought after driver on the market next year as his current contract expires and both Mercedes and Ferrari have seats available.

More often than not, however, when Verstappen's future has been speculated on, it is the German manufacturer that he is predominantly linked to and now, for the first time, he has confirmed some interest.

Speaking to Germany's Sport Bild, he was asked which colour he'd use to paint his front room...

“Blue, that’s my favourite colour,” Max replied, obviously referring to Red Bull.

When it was suggested that, that option had 'sold out', he said: “Then I would take silver."

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Of course, being diplomatic, Verstappen then downplayed any meaning into his choice.

“That has nothing to do with Mercedes or Ferrari, silver just looks better on a wall than red," he claimed.

“I know the rumours and the speculation, but they really don’t affect me at all. I know what I have to do at the end of the day: I have to drive as fast as I can. That’s what I enjoy.

“Whatever comes from the outside, nothing bothers me.”

The reason why Verstappen's signature will be so in demand for 2021 is he, along with Charles Leclerc, is expected to lead F1 into the future.

However, he expects other names currently in the midfield to step up and challenge them.

“I think it’s not just about Charles and me, there are a few good ones," he said.

“Lando Norris is very talented, he is really good. Maybe George Russell but hard to judge in Williams.

“At the end of the day, several of this generation will fight for the title when the elders quit.”