Norris: People don't watch F1 because of 'boring' Mercedes domination

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Lando Norris claims people are put off watching Formula 1 because of Mercedes' domination.

The Brackley-based team has been at the top of the sport since the hybrid era began back in 2014, with their level of success well exceeding that of Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull between 2010-13 and even surpassing the Michael Schumacher/ Ferrari days of the early 2000s.

And because of the lack of competition, with Mercedes claiming 89 wins in 121 races in that time, Norris thinks fans have given up.

"I know a lot of people who don't watch F1 because all they see is a Mercedes winning and it looks boring from the outside," Norris told the PA news agency.

"I hope it doesn't happen this year, but it is likely it will. It is a shame and it is bad but what can you do about it?

"There are so many little things that Mercedes have worked so hard on, like the steering wheel. They come up with these ideas which are just insane and you have to say hats off. Everyone else needs to do a better job and catch up."

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F1's main hope for 2020 is that Red Bull do appear to be closing the gap to Mercedes and they also have a driver Norris thinks can go toe-to-toe with Lewis Hamilton.

"Max Verstappen is more of a racer than Lewis," the McLaren youngster said. "He wins by making those moves and puts everything on the line.

"Lewis has spent a lot of years against decent drivers. He is very good in qualifying. He nails the laps and then he nails the race, but you never see him making these amazing overtakes - probably because he is always at the front - yet you see that from Max.

"Both drivers have strengths, albeit in slightly different areas. It would be great to see them go head-to-head this year. They are the two that are proving themselves at the moment."