Hamilton 'conflicted' but doubts Formula E will replace F1 as the 'pinnacle' for now

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Lewis Hamilton doesn't see Formula E replacing F1 as the "pinnacle" for now even though the latter leaves him "conflicted".

The six-time world champion has often praised the all-electric series for their efforts to promote sustainability and helping in the fight against climate change, something F1 has only more recently embraced by announcing plans to be carbon neutral by 2030.

But while he is a fan, and his Mercedes team now have an entry in Formula E, Hamilton isn't thinking of switching series.

"The only reason that could be the case is for ethical reasons because sustainability is something I am very, very conscious of – and it’s hard for me right now in wanting to be a part of positive change for our climate, yet you’re flying everywhere," he said in an interview with Square Mile.

"But the good news is Mercedes-Benz is really taking responsibility for sustainability in its business and is trying to be a part of that change.

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"For me, I’m constantly conflicted because I race Formula 1 cars that produce emissions, but they use some of the most advanced technology in the world, that can drive a positive change in road cars in the future.

"You know people will look at you trying to do something positive, but they’ll often focus on the negative."

While it's hard to deny Formula E is more exciting and more competitive than F1, the category still has some way to go to match the scale of the now 70-year-old championship.

And Hamilton doesn't see that gap closing soon.

"In terms of racing, I race at the pinnacle of motorsport and in the foreseeable future Formula E is not going to be the pinnacle – and I want to be in the top echelon of the sport," he stated.

"For that reason, I don’t envisage racing in Formula E, but I can imagine myself being a part of something in the background.

"I like the idea of what it stands for and what it’s striving towards – for example, with my fashion collection, I’m pushing Tommy [Hilfiger] to be more sustainable."