Vettel 'has some ideas' of other motorsport series to try post-F1

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Sebastian Vettel says he "has some ideas" of other motorsport series he could try when he ends his career in Formula 1.

The German has been a part of the grid since 2007, initially replacing Robert Kubica at the US Grand Prix for BMW before joining Toro Rosso from the Hungarian GP.

Four world titles in six years followed with Red Bull before making his dream move to Ferrari in 2015 where he has raced since.

But now at the age of 32, it does seem the sun will soon set on his time in F1 and Vettel admits he has begun to consider the next chapter in his life.

"If I'm realistic, I'm not going to be here in 10 years, so I think this is something you naturally start to think about," he told Motorsport.

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"I think I'm in a very fortunate position that I can probably try and do a lot of things, once I have decided to stop racing in F1.

"Maybe race something else, maybe do something different in motorsport or do something completely different outside.

"I have some ideas, but I haven't decided. I'm quite relaxed."

That next chapter though could begin as soon as next year, with Vettel's current contract at Ferrari expiring after this season.

And he offered a perspective on how he'll approach his decision on whether to stay or go.

"It depends what's important to you, what drives you and that's fair," he said.

"If money is your motivator then it can drive you very far, and make you very successful. There's a lot of sportsmen, businessmen that thrive for money. I think the question really is whether people have a sense of enough.

"That's not just valid for Formula 1.

"We are putting our life in a way also on the line, then you need to show some appreciation for that," Vettel suggested.

"Our careers also are shorter than some other careers. I think the really important thing is that you are happy, that's the key.

"Obviously, F1 is a bit of a circus and a spoiled circus, because they have a lot of money involved and money tends to spoil people.

"I think on average that's true, but the question is like I said if you have a sense of enough."