Norris goes 'Baldo' (sort of) after raising $12k during Twitch 'Stream Aid'

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Lando Norris has become 'Baldo Norris' after shaving his hair following Twitch's 'Stream Aid' event last weekend.

The McLaren driver joined a host of other top Twitch streamers to raise money for the COVID-19 Solidarity Respond Fund with a huge total of $2.7m being donated.

Norris, after playing F1 2019, Rocket League and iRacing with his followers, raised a total of $12k but it was one landmark during his stream which carried this extra significance.

At $10k, the 21-year-old promised he would shave his hair and on Thursday, delivered on that guarantee in another Twitch stream.

“No! I will still have some hair left!" he told earlier in the week on if he planned to go fully bald. "I’ve ordered a shaver online and I have to wait for that to arrive.

“I don’t know what the grades are, I normally get my hair scissor-cut – I don’t get it shaved in any way. So I need to figure out how much I’m willing to go. I’m not going to go completely [bald]. I’m going for 95% gone.”

Norris had also suggested he could give his new look a special addition.

“I could do a No.4 on top or the back – or my logo maybe,” he says. “I think that’s a good idea.”

With the 2020 F1 season currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, Norris has been active on Twitch taking part in Esports events including the new Virtual GP series where drivers past, present and future mix it up with other sportsmen and celebrities on the F1 2019 game.

Given his reputation as a gamer though, Lando admits he does put a lot of pressure on himself.

"I get so nervous in sim racing for some reason, I get more nervous than I do in like an actual qualifying session," he claimed.

"I don't know if it's because you don't have the adrenaline of driving the actual car, so you kind of forget about the nerves.

"In sim racing, you're sat in the seat, it's a bit more peaceful and quiet, and you're literally just driving. You think about a few more things.

"I need to try and calm myself down as much as possible, I start shaking and getting all nervous, I always ruin my qualifying laps because I get so nervous," he admitted.

"My only other thing is to put my Twitch chat into sub-only mode so they can't talk, otherwise I get too distracted trying to answer their questions."