Mercedes reject playing media games: We 'do the talking on the track'

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Mercedes insists the team does their talking on the track rather than getting involved in media games.

In a world where every word uttered is reported, the Brackley-based squad is often seen as downplaying expectations in the build-up to races before suddenly dominating as usual when the on-track action begins.

However, ahead of a season which was set to see Ferrari and Red Bull potentially be the closest they have ever been to ending Mercedes' reign, Lewis Hamilton claimed they are not interested in a verbal war of words.

“I think we’re always just looking ahead,” the six-time Formula 1 champion told Martin Brundle in an interview on Sky Sports that was released this week.

“We don’t know what they have in store for us at the moment. All we can do is focus on what’s ahead of us and take one step at a time.

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“We don’t get caught up wondering what Ferrari or Red Bull are doing. They can talk all they want.

“The way I’ve been brought up is to do my talking on the track."

Mercedes boss Wolff, who was with Hamilton and Brundle for the feature filmed pre-season, then echoed his lead driver.

“Exactly,” the Austrian agreed. “Do the talking on the track.

“It’s the lap time that counts and not the talking. Many people make the mistake that you have to play some kind of media game. We don’t do that at all.”