F1 set to make current cars slower for 2021 over tyre fears

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Formula 1 is expected to introduce changes to the current cars to make them slower for 2021, RaceFans reports.

As a result of the coronavirus, F1 is set to continue with this year's designs for an additional season after delaying the introduction of all-new cars until 2022 at the earliest.

However, while development of the chassis, suspension and gearboxes is expected to be banned, aerodynamics gains can still be made, with a token system similar to that used for engine development a few years ago being considered.

But this may cause a problem for the Pirelli tyres, which are the same as those used last year after teams rejected the Italian supplier's 2020 product.

And as the cars get faster, they could produce loads the tyres weren't designed to cope with, making them more susceptible to failure.

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So to ensure that is not the case, F1's Technical Working Group agreed tweaks to the floor and front and rear wings to reduce downforce and thus the stress on the tyre.

The amount of performance lost is not known though isn't likely to be much slower than last year, particularly as teams will be very reluctant to have to develop new floors and wings at a time when they are trying to drastically cut costs.

Final approval is needed by team bosses but RaceFans expects that to be granted this week.