Brawn rejects any further delay to 2022 F1 cars: 'We need them'

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Ross Brawn insists the one year delay for Formula 1's new cars until 2022 will not be extended further.

As the sport faces the financial impact from the coronavirus, it was quickly agreed to push back the all-new technical regulations, initially set for next season, by 12 months to reduce costs.

Red Bull, however, has been advocating for putting their introduction on hold until 2023, while Racing Point has even suggested scrapping them altogether.

“They will definitely be 2022,” Brawn declared to Sky Sports. 

“Some teams are pushing to delay them for a further year but I think there was a justifiable need to carry these cars over into next because we’re in the middle of a terrible crisis.

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“However, the initiatives that we’re bringing in with these new regulations are to make the sport more economically viable in terms of the complexity and where the money is spent," the F1 motorsport boss stated.

“With the cars we have now, they are so complex that the more you spend the quicker you go. We need to level off that slope and create a situation where money is not the only criteria for how competitive you will be.

“Therefore we need these new cars to even that slope out."

One argument the top teams have been making about the new designs is the lack of developmental freedom, something they fear will lead F1 towards a spec series ala IndyCar.

Brawn though downplayed those concerns.

“We still want the great teams to win - we have to maintain the integrity of F1, it’s a sport and it still has to have the best people winning," he claimed.

"But I think we can have a competitive form of racing in the future with these new regulations, with these new cars.

“They’ve been deferred a year but they are definitely coming in for ’22.”