Hulkenberg open to F1 return with a 'decent' team in 2021

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Nico Hulkenberg continues to put himself on the market for a Formula 1 return in 2021.

The German found himself without a seat on the grid after Renault replaced him with Esteban Ocon for this season, making this the first year Hulkenberg was without a drive since 2011.

Since then, Nico has been linked to a possible Formula E move or a return to the WEC, where he won the Le Mans 24 Hours with Porsche back in 2015.

For now, his focus appears to be on seeing if another F1 opportunity emerges.

“I think that’s to be confirmed,” he told CNN on the possibility of a future return. “I’m very much up for it, that’s still my goal and my aim. At the moment it’s really tricky to say.

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“There are a lot of factors in there and now everything is kind of upside-down anyway, but I’m staying in contact with people.

“It’s still a bit early but if there is a chance, I will definitely grab it," he added.

“If it’s a good opportunity and something that really excites me, gets me going, then definitely I will push for that.”

During his F1 career, Hulkenberg was known for rarely having a car to match his ability and he, of course, holds the record for the most Grand Prix starts without a podium.

So while he is open to seat offers for 2021, the 32-year-old admits he will only consider teams that show the right potential.

“[I would like] a decent car that gives you a good opportunity to compete,” he said. “I’m not saying for victories, but a car that allows you to at least go for the top 10.”

One team Nico has been previously linked with is Ferrari, after revealing he came close to joining in 2014 before the Scuderia opted for Kimi Raikkonen.

Currently, there is the possibility of a seat opening for 2021, amid the uncertainty over the future of Sebastian Vettel, but Hulkenberg sees little point in throwing his name in the hat there.

“That’ll only be happening in my next life, I’m afraid… If we’re realistic and honest, I don’t see that,” he commented.