Renault only want clarity on FIA/Ferrari settlement, not to change it

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Renault says clarity is their only reason for questioning Ferrari's settlement with the FIA over the legality of their 2019 engine.

Before the coronavirus, a battle was brewing between the governing body and seven Formula 1 teams, who were all demanding more information about the private agreement which came after the FIA said they couldn't definitively determine if the Italian team's engine was breaking fuel flow limit regulations.

Mercedes, who initially led the response, has since left the group leaving Red Bull to pick up the baton, but while money is motivating some teams' push for greater action against Ferrari, in their case, Renault claim otherwise.

“It’s something of the previous world, but it’s still something which at some point should be addressed,” team boss Cyril Abiteboul told

“We live in a world which is totally open. We are not challenging the process, we only want to find out what happened.

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“We want to find out what the legality concern was and also to make sure we are staying away from similar legality question marks.

“Very simply, I’m an engine manufacturer myself, I want to make sure my engine doesn’t pose the same legality question mark. I don’t think so.

“But I think it only makes sense if the regulations are clear and the decisions are clear for all participants – that’s what we’re asking," the Frenchman added.

“We have no intent to change what has been done. We would like to know in order to move on.”

It is understood Ferrari was using a method to bypass the sensor the FIA placed on the fuel system to measure the rate of flow, which can't exceed 100kg per hour.

To prevent this, a second encrypted sensor has since been added for 2020, with the aim of making it near-impossible for teams to predict the rate at which measurements were taken.