Hamilton considered F1 sabbatical during Mercedes success

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Lewis Hamilton revealed he has considered taking a sabbatical from Formula 1 during the current period of Mercedes success.

Due to his activities away from the track, it is often speculated on just how long the six-time world champion will remain on the grid particularly with the ever-expanding calendar.

However, commenting on the ongoing forced break due to the coronavirus, Hamilton does admit to missing the hustle of his hectic schedule.

"I'm a workaholic, and once you get into the rhythm you're just moving, from one thing to the next, squeezing in training, and making sure that you find that balance," he explained in a Mercedes YouTube video.


"Oh man, I love that challenge, and the year goes so quickly.

"It's been nice not to be bothered too much, and to have a bit of that 'me' time. But I miss seeing my team, I miss seeing my friends, as everyone does."

Hamilton then followed up by admitting his thought of slowing down briefly, but explained why it ultimately wasn't an option.

"There have been times probably in the past five years or so that I thought to myself it will be good for my body and my mind to take a rest for a year," he stated.

"But you can't step away. I don't think for an athlete that's in their prime that it's ever a good thing to step away for a year and then come back.


"Technology moves so fast, at such a rate, you need to stay on top of this car and the development - to take a sabbatical is just not on the cards.

"But we've been handed almost a part-sabbatical, which I'm enjoying, and I feel fresher and healthier than I've ever been, and the struggle for everyone is keeping your mind clear," Lewis added.

"I think some days you're sluggish, and other days you're positive, but for me the key as I said is to remain centred, find things that you enjoy doing that you perhaps didn't have time to do in the past. The most important thing is not to waste this time."


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