Hamilton says Aston Martin 'ideal' for Vettel as Stroll sees a 'bright future'

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Lewis Hamilton is delighted to see Sebastian Vettel remain in Formula 1 next season, calling his move to Aston Martin "ideal".

The German was confirmed as signing a multi-year deal at the team currently known as Racing Point on Thursday, this after Ferrari announced they would not be renewing his contract back in May.

And asked about the news Hamilton, who has built a healthy respect with his former rival, thinks Vettel has made the right call.

“Honestly I thought that was the ideal direction that he was going to go,” he said. “I thought that it would happen.

“I was really pleased to hear it because that team has new ownership, has already taken a huge step forwards in its performance and it will continue to grow."

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Vettel will join Aston Martin by taking the place of Sergio Perez, and though some have questioned that decision, Hamilton believes the 33-year-old has one key thing in his favour.

“Maybe I’m biased, but I believe that experience counts for a huge amount,” he said.

“He’s obviously had a difficult time at Ferrari but he’s a four-time champion that can steer that team even further in a better direction in terms of car development.

“I think you should never take that for granted. It’s a great move for the team.

“Of course I’m sorry for Sergio,” Hamilton added, “but he’s a great driver and I’m sure he’ll have other options.”

Commenting on his soon to be former teammate, Lance Stroll admits he was a little "emotional" to learn of his departure.

But the Canadian believes Vettel's arrival will bring a new energy to the Silverstone-based squad.

“It’s very exciting to see him come to the team. He’s an incredibly successful driver with four World Championships in his pocket and a tremendous amount of knowledge under his belt,” he told Sky Sports.

“He’ll be a big help all around. He has a tremendous amount of experience, he can bring a lot from where he’s come from over the years at Red Bull and Ferrari. It’ll be a big eye-opener for the team, I think we’ll learn a lot.

“For myself, he’s going to be a great benchmark," Stroll added. "He’s a very successful driver, one of the best, so yeah I’m really looking forward to it.

“I only see a bright future. This year we’ve come a long way and I believe we’ll just keep making steps in the right direction.”