Brawn 'blessed' to have witnessed Schumacher & Hamilton success

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Formula 1 motorsport boss Ross Brawn feels "blessed" to have watched both Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton become seven-time world champions.

The Briton played a key role in the success of both drivers, having been the technical director with Schumacher at Benetton and Ferrari, before laying the groundwork for Hamilton and Mercedes' dominance prior to his departure at the end of 2013.

And reflecting on watching the Briton tie Schumacher with victory at the Turkish Grand Prix, Brawn admitted his privilege in having seen the journeys of the two most successful drivers in F1 history.

“It’s the kind of dominance that in most people’s motorsport career, you only see once,” he wrote in his column.

“I’ve been blessed to see it twice. I have been fortunate to work with both Lewis and Michael. They are different characters, which is wonderful as you don’t want metronomic characters in F1.

“Lewis is different to Michael in the way they approach things. At the core of it, they both have a God-given talent."

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While Hamilton and Mercedes have led the way at the top of F1 since 2014, Brawn noted how their victory at Istanbul Park proved their success isn't just down to the car.

“Sunday wasn’t an easy win. He didn’t put the car on pole and disappear into the distance. It was a challenging weekend for him, regarding the weather, the conditions and the track," he added.

“Clearly, it didn’t initially suit Mercedes but they got they head down and thought about it. He came from further down the grid today.

“He wins when he’s not given any opposition and he wins when he is given a big challenge. Right now, he’s at the pinnacle of his career and I don’t know where his form will start to tail off.”

Hamilton's seventh championship now means he is statistically the greatest driver ever to race in F1.


And though the debate rages as to whether he does deserve that title, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is sure he is in the conversation.

“Where does it rank? He ranks in terms of his record on Michael’s level in terms of Drivers’ World Championships and he’s the absolute record holder in pole positions and race victories,” said the Austrian.

“He cemented his position among the all-time best sportsmen in the world.”

Despite his achievement, Hamilton is still yet to re-sign with Mercedes for 2021 and beyond, with talks now expected to take place after the season.

And after Lewis' win in Turkey on Sunday, Wolff admits the value of a new contract went up.

“It’s just got really more expensive today,” he claimed. “His driving was impeccable.

“There was not one foot he put wrong today whilst everybody else did with a car that was today interacting with the tyres, for sure not the best car.”