Turkey-style races are good but F1 is about the 'best performing car'

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While races like the Turkish Grand Prix are good, Formula 1 should predominantly be about the "best-performing cars", McLaren boss Andreas Seidl claims.

A new track surface laid just before the one-off race at Istanbul Park left drivers struggling for grip even on the straights, as the tyres simply couldn't bite into the smooth, shiny tarmac.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, rain made the problem even worse but led to a very unpredictable weekend as Lance Stroll claimed pole before Lewis Hamilton eventually came through to win the race.

“There were a lot of comments in both directions. Is it positive or negative, what we have seen?" Seidl asked post-race.

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“It's clear everyone wants to see cars fighting on track, wants to see overtaking manoeuvres, wants to see also that not always the same cars at the front.

"We have seen that several times in wet conditions or tricky conditions that you have these exciting races with a lot of things happening.

"But F1 is also about, in normal conditions, putting up or designing the best car and making it the best performing car," he insisted.

"It's also normal that the best car is in front in qualifying and in the race as well. That's part of the DNA as well of F1."

The idea of gimmicks to spice up the racing is nothing new, with sprinklers and reverse grid qualifying races among the ideas put forward.

However, to create more exciting races, Seidl is confident the upcoming rule changes will have the desired effect.

“I think there's a lot of positive stuff coming from '22 onwards with the new technical regulations," he said.

"[They] should allow the cars to race closer together, which should help then also to see more overtaking manoeuvres.

"All the other stuff that's also happening like the financial cap should also help to get the overall field closer together," he added. "I think there is no reason to be pessimistic."