Ricciardo reveals past Le Mans interest from McLaren boss Seidl

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Daniel Ricciardo has revealed McLaren boss Andreas Seidl tried to sign him for a Le Mans 24 Hours bid back in 2014.

The German, who joined from Porsche back in 2019, has been praised for his role in leading the Woking-based team to fourth and then third in the Constructors' Championship in the past two seasons.

And for Ricciardo, who joins McLaren on a two-year deal from Renault, the opportunity to work with Seidl is one of the most intriguing aspects of his move.

"Andreas is a guy I do really look forward to working with," he was quoted by GPFans.

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"I was first in contact with him I think back in 2014. There was a bit of a push to try and do Le Mans at the time with Porsche and there was a little bit of small talk but I have heard people that have worked with him speak very highly so I look forward to that.

"I will keep being a sponge and trying to make myself better."

Seidl himself was equally complimentary about Ricciardo.

“Daniel was always one of the drivers I had my eye on,” he said.

“I like the way he races, and I’ve always found it refreshing what a positive aura he has. Now we will be able to work together and I am looking forward to that.”

Picking up Ricciardo's comment about a Le Mans bid, the 31-year-old was asked about possible non-F1 racing activities with McLaren, who currently have a team in IndyCar and have helped Fernando Alonso in all three of his Indianapolis 500 attempts.

“Basically that sounds great, but oval scares me a little, I want to be completely honest. Indy would be cool, but maybe first with a test,” he told SpeedWeek.

“I found Fernando’s performance impressive, and I imagined how I would do there. Maybe one day I’ll try. I mean, you have to turn left four times per lap – how difficult can that be?”

The 'Honey Badger' though admits a Le Mans run currently holds more appeal.

“Some of my colleagues have already tried it, and I’m attracted by the idea that you share a car with team-mates,” said Ricciardo.

“As an F1 driver you don’t lay all your cards on the table, but at Le Mans you have to share all your secrets with your colleagues. I’d love that kind of collaboration. Competing in a 24-hour race would also push me to the limit physically and mentally.”