Haas officially reveals the VF-21 in Bahrain

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We've seen the livery and now Haas has officially revealed their car for the new Formula 1 season, the VF-21.

The American team has taken a different approach from the rest by opting not to spend any of their development tokens on this year's design, meaning it is largely unchanged from that which raced in Abu Dhabi in December.

Haas' main reason for this was to save all their resources for next year's new regulations, which they hope can spur them back towards the front of the midfield.

What it does mean, however, is new drivers Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher are set to spend this year near if not at the back of the grid as their main rivals Alfa Romeo and Williams did upgrade their 2020 cars.

“First of all, it is important we sort ourselves after the first tests,” Schumacher told Sky Deutschland.

“For us, we are very brave – both the team and the drivers. I’m sure this combination has good firepower.

"We have to take advantage of every opportunity we get, for example in overtaking manoeuvres in a race.”