Schumacher wanted to revive 'MSC' abbreviation due to 'emotional bond'

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Mick Schumacher wanted to bring back the 'MSC' abbreviation on Formula 1 timing screens due to the "emotional bond" with his father.

Usually, drivers are identified with the first three letters of their surname, so 'HAM' for Lewis Hamilton. But with two Schumacher's on the grid in the 2000s, Michael and Ralf, they had the first letter of their first names to distinguish them, so 'MSC' and 'RSC'.

Of course, now there is only one Schumacher back in F1, that being Mick, but after using SCH in F2 many were quick to notice the return of 'MSC' on the timing tower during F1 testing in Bahrain.

"I wanted that MSC," the German revealed.

"Inside, it's an emotional bond I have to it, and I think it's quite nice for everybody watching the timing screens and seeing MSC back on them. It has a positive to it."

On the track, it has been a mixed week for Schumacher so far. On Friday, a hydraulics problem limited him to just 15 laps, but on Saturday he managed an impressive 88 in the Haas.

“It was amazing today,” he said. “I really consider this as my first day in a way as yesterday was such a shame.

“Being able today to do things like consecutive running, going through C2, C3 and C4 tyres, it’s been amazing.

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"After two or three laps I really did feel comfortable in the car, which is promising, and it was a feeling that just increased over the day.

“By the end of the day I felt super comfortable – I felt at home. I feel like I’ve integrated with the team quickly, all the guys are really cool.

"I love working with them. I’m really looking forward to the season, it’s going to be great. But for tomorrow, I’m just after more laps, that’s our aim.”