Age is just a number for Alonso as he turns 40 at the Hungarian GP

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For Fernando Alonso, age is just a number as he celebrates his 40th birthday ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The double world champion will join Kimi Raikkonen in the 40+ club on Thursday and, in his race preview for Alpine, teased a new look for Budapest.

"I will go in the solarium, I will be tanned, I will shave, and I will look very young," he joked. "No, it's going to be a very normal race. No change for me.

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"40 is just another number. I will eat some cake, but apart from that, it's going to be a very normal weekend. I feel 25, so whatever number it says on the passport is not what I feel.

"It’s quite nice to be celebrating a birthday at a Formula 1 weekend so I can’t complain," he acknowledged. "I am looking forward to the birthday celebrations. I think the team have a few things planned.

"We will be sure to celebrate a little bit, but we have an important weekend ahead, so I’ll be fully focused on racing.

"It’s our last race before the summer shutdown and I am looking to continue our good form in Budapest."

Despite his rather advanced years for a modern F1 driver, Alonso has been rolling back the years with his performances in recent races, particularly at Silverstone.

In all, Fernando has scored points at the past five races for Alpine, putting teammate Esteban Ocon in the shade and firmly justifying his decision to come back to F1.

“I think Fernando has now silenced for good whoever doubted his return would be a success,” Executive Director Marcin Budkowski stated.

“His speed is still there, and his race-craft is second to none, as we saw once again in both races last Saturday and Sunday.

“He will no doubt continue pushing himself and the team as the season goes on.”