Perez predicts Red Bull will 'dominate the next few years' in F1

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Sergio Perez has boldly predicted Red Bull can "dominate the next few years" in Formula 1 under the new rules.

The Milton Keynes-based outfit claimed their first championship since 2013 last year with Max Verstappen and has remained at the front following the major rules changes introduced for this season.

At the same time, Red Bull's first four races have been far from perfect, with unreliability resulting in three retirements, two for Verstappen and one for Perez.

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But Checo is confident that once the team fixes their issues they will remain on top.

“We still have a lot of problems to solve, but the main thing is that we are competitive and Red Bull is set to dominate the next few years with these new regulations," he told Fox Sports Mexico.

“We should be leading both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ titles, it’s been a difficult start but the team has worked hard to keep up with Ferrari.

“We are in a season where we have to go on the attack and we are in the fight."

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Red Bull rebounded to claim just their second one-two finish of the hybrid era at Imola, scoring 58 of a possible 59 points on offer in Italy.

Perez though finished some 16 seconds behind teammate Verstappen, with the assumption typically being Checo is a No.2 to the Dutchman.

However, the veteran of 11 years insists he would not be in the team if that was the case.

“I couldn’t be in F1 just for the sake of it, and knowing I’m the second driver would be disrespectful to my career," he said.

“I’m in F1 because I know I can win and be champion. I don’t have to prove anything, I have to prove it to myself. I don’t want to win races, my focus is to win the championship.

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“If they asked me to let Max win a race when I could win the championship we would have problems, but I don’t see that happening now.

“The team have been open in telling us they want both drivers up front. Nothing would be better than to fight for the championship with Max because that would mean Red Bull is the powerhouse.

“There is a good atmosphere between the drivers. I want to beat Max and I want to be in front of him. It’s unique and it’s something that has come about in a good and natural way. We have the best team and this has helped us to move forward.”