Haas, Vettel urge media to be more positive towards Schumacher

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Haas and Sebastian Vettel are urging Formula 1 media to be more positive towards Mick Schumacher amid his struggles in 2022.

The Haas driver is yet to score a point in his career and has had several big crashes this season, particularly in Saudi Arabia and Monaco, as well as other small incidents in Miami and Imola.

Schumacher has also been largely outclassed by teammate Kevin Magnussen, who only returned to F1 last minute replacing the axed Nikita Mazepin.

And while Haas team boss Guenther Steiner has suggested there was a "queue" of drivers potentially for Schumacher's seat, the Italian claimed the press were overhyping possible tensions.

“The camp is being divided,” he told Sky Deutschland. “The division of the team from the outside is not good for Mick. There is a lot of unrest from the outside.

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“I’m trying to keep the pressure off Mick," Steiner insisted. “It’s almost chalked up to us that we are to blame for everything. I don’t think we are.

“We want Mick to be successful. We are a team. I need Mick, Mick needs us. Together we can be strong.

“If we don’t work together, we can’t do it. We need success. We have to see that we get points.”

Sebastian Vettel has been a mentor to Schumacher during his F1 career and urged the media to "leave him alone" following his crash in Monaco.

“Criticism is also justified in this respect, but you can’t always just bash him,” the four-time F1 champion added to BILD.

“You also have to say when something has gone well.”

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In fact, Schumacher enjoyed his best qualifying in F1 in Canada, claiming P6 on the grid in wet conditions, but retired with an engine issue in the race.

“I’m here because I love the sport and love driving,” Mick said via Motorsport.com.

“I want to earn what I’m fighting for but unfortunately we didn’t deserve it today. But I’m sure there will be more opportunities to come. At some point, the tide will turn.”