Domenicali opens the door to Vettel for future F1 role

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The door is open for Sebastian Vettel to become part of Formula 1 management, CEO Stefano Domenicali says.

Last week, the four-time world champion announced his retirement from F1 at the end of this season after 15 years on the grid.

But Vettel's meticulous approach and his willingness to speak out have always meant his career in the sport could extend beyond being just a driver.

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And Domenicali revealed a conversation has already taken place on the possibility of a future collaboration.

"Among other things, we talked about his decision and the future," the Italian told Sport Bild, as quoted by Sports Mole.

"Sebastian will always be associated with Formula 1 and of course we want that connection to remain close in the future.

"If he is interested in becoming part of our system and the approaches fit together, I would of course welcome him here," Domenicali added.

"But we already know that, after the season, he wants to sort himself out and enjoy time with his family."

Vettel Mansell Williams

In recent years, Vettel has become known for his climate activism and completed demos in two old racing cars using carbon-neutral fuel in July.

F1 is set to officially introduce a similar fully sustainable fuel in 2026, but the German suggested the sport was "behind" in terms of the pace of change. 

"It makes a difference whether you have to get a single car prepared for one or two laps or 20 cars prepared for 70 laps and a whole season," Domenicali said in response.

"We're not behind with technology - on the contrary. We're ahead of schedule.

"I will definitely experience environmentally-friendly fuel in Formula 1 during my lifetime," he concluded.