Pierre Gasly touts his potential as Red Bull opens exit door after 2023

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Pierre Gasly feels he has shown his potential in Formula 1 as Red Bull opens the door for him to leave after 2023.

Following a difficult 12-race stint at the senior team alongside Max Verstappen in 2019, the Frenchman has excelled at AlphaTauri picking up three podiums including a brilliant win at Monza in 2020.

Even so, Gasly's performances still haven't been enough to earn him a second chance at Red Bull, where Sergio Perez has asserted himself in the second seat.

And any time there's been speculation of Pierre potentially leaving, advisor Helmut Marko has always been quick to shut it down.

“There is no exit clause [for] Gasly,” the Austrian told Germany's Sport1 when asked about the possibility he could join Alpine in 2023.

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“There was none before the summer break and there will be none after the summer break.”

 But, it does appear Red Bull is preparing to move on from Gasly once his current deal ends after next season, with Marko citing the improvements by teammate Yuki Tsunoda.

“Yes," he replied to Motorsport France on if Pierre would be on the market for 2024.

"We have a good relationship. As a team leader, he has been very successful at AlphaTauri in recent years.

“But Yuki is already at his level in terms of lap speed. In the race, things are not going as well either.

“Nevertheless, we improved Gasly’s contract financially, even though we didn’t have to do that.

“Perez’s contract prevents a move for Gasly to Red Bull Racing in 2023. From 2024, Gasly is free.”

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And that freedom won't come a moment too soon for the 26-year-old, as he looks for a second chance in a front-running team.

“After only one season in Formula 1 I was promoted to Red Bull, and at that time they gave me a great opportunity because they saw my potential,” he told Motorsport Italy.

“If I think about it now, after five years in Formula 1, I am a much more complete driver.

“I have much more experience, I am more efficient in working with the team, I know exactly what I want from the car, and my feedback is much clearer. You grow and you learn.

“I think I have shown that with a mid-table car I have been able to grow and achieve good results, and with all the respect I have for AlphaTauri, there will always be a gap to a top team.

"We can achieve a podium, even a win we have shown that it is not impossible, there was a one per cent chance and we did it.

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“Last year I think it was a very consistent season, and that’s what I wanted to prove, that I can always be there, in qualifying and in the race, able to bring the team points.

"It was my most successful year as a driver in AlphaTauri, and I think it was important to prove that, since I came back to this team, we have put together a series of incredible races, days to remember”.