Red Bull voices 'surprise and disappointment' at 2021 F1 budget cap breach

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Red Bull has voiced "surprise and disappointment" at breaking the 2021 Formula 1 budget cap.

On Monday, the FIA finally revealed its findings after completing its analysis of all the teams' financial data from last year, with Red Bull and Aston Martin both found to have committed procedural breaches.

Red Bull though was the only team that the governing body found to have exceeded the $145m cap in a minor overspend of less than five percent.

Reacting to the FIA's conclusion, the team put out a statement on social media:

The FIA confirmed its Cost Cap Administration is now considering what action to take against Red Bull and Aston Martin for their breaches.

In the case of Red Bull a fine or minor sporting penalty is expected under the guidelines laid out for a minor budget cap breach.