Haas: Mick Schumacher 'costs a fortune' and lacks 'consistency'

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Mick Schumacher has received the opposite of a ringing endorsement from Haas, as speculation over his future continues.

The German is out of contract after 2022 and compatriot Nico Hulkenberg has been linked to his seat for next year in what would be another Formula 1 return.

But talks between Haas and Schumacher are reported to have restarted at the recent Singapore GP after being postponed earlier in the year.

And a potential driver announcement could come as soon as Thursday after the team called a special press conference ahead of this weekend's US Grand Prix.

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But speaking to the Press Association, Haas owner Gene Haas was pretty blunt in his criticism of Schumacher.

“If he wants to stay with us, he’s got to show us that he can score some more points. That’s what we are waiting for," he said.

“I think Mick has got a lot of potential, but you know he costs a fortune and he’s wrecked a lot of cars that have cost us a lot of money that we just don’t have.

“Now, if you bring us some points, and you are (Max) Verstappen and you wreck cars, we’ll deal with it,” he continued. “But when you are in the back and you wreck cars, that’s very difficult.”

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Even so, the American did say there was one outlandish condition whereby Mick would be guaranteed a seat in 2023...

“If he wins the next race, he’s in,” Haas declared. “Somewhere in between, there is a grey area.”

Haas team Guenther Steiner also admits it is up to Schumacher to prove he is worthy of a new contract, though does see his experience as a benefit to retaining him.

“If you are working with somebody for two years, that’s an advantage," he explained.

“That’s why we brought Kevin [Magnussen] back as well because he was here. He was out a year but he knew everybody, and that’s always an advantage when you start from somewhere.

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“We are considering what is best for the development of the team," Steiner added.

“I’ll be honest, we don’t know if Mick will stay or not. He has delivered very good races in Canada, Britain and Austria, but he lacks consistency – he would have to deliver strong performances more often.

"We are not in a hurry regarding the driver question and Mick still has chances to show what he can do.”