Horner wants 'closure' with FIA on Red Bull budget cap breach, vows 'transparency'

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Christian Horner wants "closure" over Red Bull's breach of Formula 1's budget cap as talks with the FIA continue.

A day after the Japanese Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen became world champion for a second time, the governing body ruled Red Bull had committed a "minor overspend" of the budget cap in 2021 as well as other procedural breaches.

The team voiced "surprise and disappointment" at the FIA's conclusion, and Horner explained why as he spoke publicly on the matter for the first time in Austin.

“We made an interim submission in 2021 and there was no feedback that we were doing anything that was contrary to regulations," he said.

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“After the full submission in March, we didn’t hear anything back until September which is a significant time.

“There is a duty in FIA regulations to guide, to have effective compliance.”

As for the current status of discussions with the governing body, Horner added: “We are in a process with the FIA. We hope to get closure on that.

"At that point, all facts will be laid on the table and we can talk openly about the cap, and why we feel our costs were fully in line.

“They are diligently trying to do their job. Hopefully, in the near future, we will have a resolution.

“It is a new process. Remember, these regulations were initially introduced at a level of $170m reduced by $30m in the pandemic. They are complicated regulations that have varying interpretations.

“I hope we can conclude this in the near future but this could be dragged out for months which is not our intention. We want closure."

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On Friday it was reported the FIA has made an "accepted breach agreement" offer to Red Bull, including potential penalties.

Asked about the details, Horner replied: “I can’t tell you that! Confidential.

“Once concluded there will be transparency and I will talk you through our submissions and the position we had."