Max Verstappen takes no offence with Rosberg over 'narcissist' claim

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Max Verstappen had no issue with Nico Rosberg's claiming his self-confidence bordered on "narcissistic".

The German, speaking with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, pointed to his persistence with the same approach early last year as the perfect example despite getting involved in several notable incidents.

“How can you not doubt yourself if you make the same mistake six times?" Rosberg questioned.

“And the seventh time you still do the same but it happens to work because you have so much talent and then it turns into a success streak.

“Being extremely narcissistic when you have the talent can be a powerful force, and maybe even the most powerful.”

In response though, the Red Bull driver believed it was crucial to keep faith in your ability while those around you are criticising.

“I think it’s very important to believe in yourself because it’s a pretty tough world and there are a lot of people trying to work against you,” Verstappen said on Thursday.

“Thanks to my father, I learned at a young age how things are in this world, so I have been prepared for this from an early age.

“I am a self-confident person and I have to be, otherwise you cannot become successful in Formula 1.”

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As for whether there was any kind of offence taken to the word 'narcissistic'...

“I spoke to Max’s manager just after lunch and they are not even bothered about what Nico said to be honest,” ex-F1 driver turned Sky Sports pundit Paul Di Resta said.

“They just purely said he is not scared and will do whatever it takes to win. Until that point, he will continue to keep pushing the levels.

“Lewis [Hamilton] even said that there is a little bit of fear in there in a one-on-one fight.”