Haas bemoans influence of tyres on performance as 'not Formula 1'

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Haas team boss Guenther Steiner has criticised the high level of influence this year's Pirelli tyres are having on performance.

It is accepted that the American outfit has one of the strongest cars in the midfield in 2019, but has been unable to show it because of problems finding the correct operating temperature window of the various compounds.

In fact, after the first four races, Haas only has one points finish to their name thanks to Kevin Magnussen's sixth in Australia and that is frustrating their temperamental chief.

"We should not be constantly talking about whether a tyre works. It's not interesting and it's not Formula 1 in my opinion," Guenther was quoted by GPFans.com.

"'Did you get the tyre working? Yes, I'm quick'. 'My tyres didn't work, so I'm slow'," he mocked.

"We spend millions and millions of dollars on these cars but if the tyres are outside their window we cannot use them.

"Others make them work better, so we have to as well."

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Tyres have been a big topic ever since Pirelli became the F1 supplier in 2011 initially because of the high degradation and more recently, drivers looking for a tyre that allows them to race and push.

Even Steiner admits, however: "I don't just want to blame Pirelli. I also blame ourselves when others find better solutions.

"But basically we should not sit after a race and talk about whether the tyres worked or not," he concluded.