Red Bull fear 'alarming' Mercedes will be untouchable in Monaco

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Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has sent a warning to Formula 1 over Mercedes, fearing their domination will continue in Monaco.

The fallout from their fifth straight 1-2 this season last Sunday in Spain is continuing, with many declaring it represents a danger to the sport itself.

Having enjoyed four straight championships of their own, Red Bull are well-versed to the type of comments now being thrown at Mercedes, but Marko thinks there is one key difference.

"When we were not nearly as dominant as them, there were two or three changes in the regulations each year to put us on hold. But nobody seems interested in that at the moment," he was quoted by

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More worryingly, the Austrian claims Mercedes is only moving further ahead as they bring upgrades to their car.

"We take a step forward, but Mercedes seemingly two," he said.

"The basic direction is there, now we have to keep fighting.

"We are happy to have made the first step, we have placed in front of Ferrari, everything went well from Max [Verstappen in Spain], that was the maximum."

Usually, the next race in Monaco would be seen as the best chance for Red Bull or Ferrari to break the winning streak.

But given the main strength of the W10, Marko only sees one outcome.

"It was alarming how much faster Mercedes were in the slow corners, and Monte Carlo consists almost entirely of slow corners," he said, with the final sector in Spain highlighting this point.

"We know where we are losing time. We are not generally slower, but we lose time in a few very specific, but just as significant, corners."