Villeneuve's warning to F1: Mercedes 'impossible to beat'

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Jacques Villeneuve has warned Formula 1 that Mercedes is "impossible to beat" under the current regulations.

The UK-based German manufacturer has been the dominant force since the switch to V6 hybrids in 2014, winning all five Drivers' and Constructors' title in that time.

Ferrari has come close to challenging Mercedes' position in recent years but in 2019, it has returned to Silver supremacy with six wins from six races, including five one-twos.

"This is terrible for F1 because it's been going on for such a long time," Villeneuve told Spain's Marca ahead of his home race in Canada.

"It is practically impossible to beat Mercedes with the current regulation."

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What has been most impressive though, is how Mercedes has evolved to continue setting the benchmark in F1.

Rather than just having the best engine, as Ferrari have pulled ahead in that area, now the W10 is the best chassis on the grid by extracting the optimum from the current specification Pirelli tyres, something their rivals have failed at.

Perhaps the expected regulation changes from 2021 offer an opportunity, but until F1 confirms exactly what they'll be, we can expect Mercedes to continue winning for a while yet.