Vettel won't comment on his future after Montreal disappointment

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Sebastian Vettel refused to comment on whether his frustration after the Canadian Grand Prix could lead him to retire from Formula 1.

In the build-up to last weekend's race in Montreal, questions were asked to the Ferrari driver after a rumour emerged in Monaco that the tough start to 2019 had led him to consider his future.

But despite voicing his unhappiness at the state of F1 after the race, Vettel wasn't interested in responding to whether retirement was more of a possibility.

“I’m not ready for this kind of question," he was quoted by PlanetF1.

“I just feel that nowadays we look at so many things that we didn’t in the past, because nobody was really making a fuss.

“Now, obviously it’s worth making a fuss for everything because you have these decisions.”

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The four-time world champion then went on to explain why he "sympathises" with the stewards and the decisions they have to make.

“I've said many times when I’ve been in there that they are sitting in front of a piece of paper and they’re just watching the race," he began.

"They also came back to me and say we agree but look, we have to do these kind of things so I think just the way we are doing these things now is just wrong.

“But it’s our times, we have regulations for everything and the approaches are drifting apart.”

Earlier in his post-race press conference, Vettel explained his actions after the race when he refused to join the other top three cars in parc ferme and admits he would have happily skipped the podium if he could.

“I didn’t want to join in with anything,” he explained. “I was angry and disappointed, I think everyone understands why.

“But I think it’s respect to show to Lewis [Hamilton] and Charles [Leclerc] and the representative from Mercedes to be part of the podium.

“Certainly it’s not the place I wanted to be, at that point I wanted to get out, being there is not of my free will but I had to be there.”