Mercedes domination not helping F1 attract new fans - CEO Carey

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Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey admits Mercedes' domination in 2019 is making it tough to attract new fans to the sport.

Though the German manufacturer has won every championship since 2014, recent battles with Ferrari and the rise of Max Verstappen has at least given the sport some marketing power.

But with Ferrari not as strong this season and Max not taking the next step of achieving regular wins at Red Bull, the same old pattern of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes on top isn't helping the commercial cause.

"Basically I would say that the viewing figures are by and large stable," the F1 CEO told Speed Week, this despite the shift to Sky Sports in key European markets.

"But I have to admit that in 2019 there has been less drama to attract new viewers when one team has won all seven races so far.

"And some races were not exactly exciting all the way to the final lap. In Monaco and Montreal, we at least had fights at the front until the finish."

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Attempts have also been thwarted to diversify media coverage as teething problems persist with the F1TV Pro subscription service.

"To win more and new fans, we must not forget the other platforms but streaming is becoming more important," Carey noted.

"Teenagers or tweens are not watching TV any more, but on smartphones."