Haas fear 'precedent' with Ferrari review but questions '50/50' decision

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Haas team boss Guenther Steiner does fear Ferrari's decision to review Sebastian Vettel's penalty in Canada could set a "precedent".

On Friday afternoon, the stewards from Montreal will reconvene to hear the Italian team's case for overturning what was the race-deciding five-second penalty for the German.

However, speaking on Thursday, Steiner is worried teams may use the 'right to review' avenue more frequently on marginal calls.

“I wouldn’t say it’s dangerous but if you set a precedent, you start doing it for doing it['s sake]," he told Crash.net.

“You create confusion, but I think Ferrari felt they need to do it and at some stage, I think the stewards need to be reminded that this can happen, and it’s not good."

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The Haas chief then laid out an argument for changing how stewards view incidents when the outcome is so marginal.

“When you make decisions and you don’t know what to do because it’s 50/50, they should not give a penalty because Mercedes could not come back and demand a penalty. That is not in the rules," he said.

“If there is no penalty given you cannot go back and demand a penalty for somebody. To avoid this, a 50/50, we shouldn’t put them in there.

“You start a process which you never finish - you will always find an excuse and it’s a never-ending saga.”

As for how he viewed the Hamilton/Vettel clash, Steiner added: "It was proper racing.

“If we want to kill racing, if you have to have a simulation before the race and decide the race, we need to stop this. We have no value in this anymore in this one.

“For me, it was proper racing, it was pretty cool and in the end, he got the penalty and they need to deal with it, I have no input there thank god. It’s a bit of a contentious one.”