Vettel gets warning as fallout from Brazil clash with Leclerc continues

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Fallout from the collision between both Ferrari's is continuing with a common theme, the future looks bleak for Sebastian Vettel.

The German appeared more to blame as his gradually move across the racetrack resulted in touching wheels with teammate Charles Leclerc, taking both drivers out in Brazil.

Ultimately, the stewards deemed it a racing incident and the Scuderia have acted decisively to try and defuse any tensions.

"Since last Sunday, Mattia and the drivers have spoken every day, as they would normally do anyway," a Ferrari spokesperson told the BBC.

"There was no official summit nor video conference. The air is now fully cleared and we are focusing on Abu Dhabi."

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That hasn't stopped pundits and former drivers from having their say, however, and most of their focus has been squarely located on Vettel.

“Seb’s been on the ropes all year,” ex-McLaren and Red Bull driver David Coulthard said on Channel 4.

“It’s been a tough season for him with young Charles coming in and showing what speed he’s got.

“Lots of pole positions and running in front of him in the Championship, Seb is a four-time World Champion, but past performances don’t guarantee you future success.

“I think desperate people do desperate things and I’m not saying he is desperate, but he just isn’t quite as good in wheel-to-wheel combat as others.

“He’s a fantastically quick world champion, but he’s got form when it comes to that type of racing. I think he’s got to look at himself in the mirror and say he was the lion share of the fault in that incident.”

The growing status of Leclerc was a key part of Ralf Schumacher's warning to his fellow countryman.

"I believe there will be a difficult internal discussion because Binotto slowly comes under pressure," he told Sky Germany.

"After all, Ferrari has other worries than its teammates constantly arguing and they both have that responsibility. They are both old enough.

"I think it is serious enough that if it does not get better, if there are no clear commitments, then Ferrari might think about changing something.

"It will be very difficult for both of them but especially Sebastian. If they cannot find a solution, it is clear that the future is with Charles."

F1's motorsport director Ross Brawn also highlighted the potential long-term impact of any turmoil within Ferrari heading into next season.

“If Ferrari really wants to put an end to Mercedes’ dominance, not only does it need to provide its drivers with a more competitive car next year, it must also ensure that incidents like this one are not repeated,” he stated.

“Formula 1 is a team sport, especially so in Maranello.”

And is it that final point which Ferrari president John Elkann emphasised when giving his reaction.

“What happened on Sunday not only upset me a lot, but it also made me understand the importance of Ferrari,” he was quoted by PlanetF1.

“It is not necessary for the drivers, however good they may be, to forget that they are racing for Ferrari and the most important thing is that Ferrari wins and that has not been done. Mattia Binotto was very clear on this point.

“It has been an extraordinary season for Ferrari in terms of pole position, but unfortunately not all of them have been converted into victory.”