'Clown of the paddock' Ricciardo needs to get serious at Renault

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Dutch Formula 1 commentator Olav Mol has told Daniel Ricciardo he needs to stop being the "clown of the paddock" at Renault.

The Australian endured a tricky first season in yellow effectively taking himself out at his home race in the first 100 metres and not bringing the boost to the French manufacturer that might normally be expected of a driver with his calibre.

Sure he largely out-performed Nico Hulkenberg and scored big results in Canada and Monza, but the Ziggo Sport commentator believes his priority is too much on his personality.

“He has not improved,” Mol told Dutch publication Formule1.

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“Wanting to be the clown of the paddock is not good enough. Ricciardo is very nice and super PR but on the job?

“In Brazil, he came from the back to the front but aside from that I have not seen enough ‘real Ricciardo moments’ and I haven’t seen him make Renault better.

“He has to be less cheerful and hit the table more. He belongs here [in Mol’s five flops].”

With 2020 the final year of his initial contract at Renault, his performance and improvements by the Enstone-based squad are likely to be critical in deciding whether Ricciardo ever has a chance of making his move from Red Bull work.