Stroll: 2020 will be more representative of Racing Point's potential

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Lance Stroll believes 2020 will offer a better representation of the potential at Racing Point after a tricky period.

The Silverstone-based outfit was playing catch up for much of this season, though a raft of upgrades before and after the summer break did bring the team more consistently into the fight for points.

Going into 2020, Racing Point is definitely in a much more settled and organised state than they were 12 months ago and that's why Stroll is more optimistic about their competitiveness.

“Formula 1 is always changing. Tyres are changing every year, a new car is developed, [I start] with [more] experience and I think next year is a really exciting year for the team," the Canadian told

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“We had a lot of challenges coming into this year with everything that went on in 2018, with the transition from Force India to Racing Point. I do think that put us on the back foot coming into this year.

“I think next year is really going to be representative of what we can do over the winter, and how strong we can be when we show up in Melbourne.”

Certainly, Stroll's outlook with Racing Point is much more positive than it would have been had he stayed at Williams, where he raced for his first two seasons.

And the 21-year-old was asked what he saw as the main differences between the two teams.

“I see a difference in speed. You look at the grid, it’s definitely a much more competitive environment," he stated.

“There’s a great group of engineers that work here. It’s great working with the guys around me, and I think everyone is really excited about next year, to be a part of that is very exciting.

“We’re already looking forward to 2020. I think there’s some unfinished business.”