Alonso: Hamilton's character 'different' to Schumacher and not right for a normal team

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Fernando Alonso says Lewis Hamilton has a "different character" compared to Michael Schumacher despite their shared success.

After five titles in six years, plus 2008, this season could see the Briton do the unthinkable and match the German as a seven-time Formula 1 world champion as well as also surpassing his record of 91 Grand Prix victories.

And while Alonso, who battled for championships with both, notes their achievements were only possible for the same reason, how Hamilton and Schumacher personally worked for that success is different.

“Each have their own character,” Alonso commented to La Gazzetta dello Sport as he participates in the Dakar Rally

“Both of them dominated because of their cars, which allowed them to do what they wanted outside of Formula 1.

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“Michael had more discipline and preparation, he was more into the team dynamics.

“Lewis has a different character and lifestyle that would not be right if he had a normal car. His bosses would not be happy.”

Interestingly, it was only after Hamilton replaced Schumacher at Mercedes from 2013 that his celebrity status both on and off the F1 grid really took off.

But now there is the speculation and anticipation at the possibility of the 35-year-old joining Ferrari for 2021, which would be a whole new environment altogether.

One former team boss at Maranello, however, believes the chances are very small.

“I think it’s normal to talk about this [potential Hamilton to Ferrari move],” Stefano Domenicali told Sky Italia.

“But my impression is that Ferrari is focusing everything on Charles Leclerc, so I don’t think they are going to sign a top driver like Lewis.

“The team is giving a clear direction focusing on a young talented driver.”

The current Lamborghini CEO also spoke of the Scuderia's prospects for 2020, as they hope to deny Lewis that seventh crown.

“I think it will be a very interesting season,” he added.

“I believe it will be different from last year and will be decided at the last race. Obviously I hope that Ferrari fans will be able to celebrate success.”