F1 drivers fear faster 2020 cars will limit overtaking due to dirty air

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While the lap times are faster, Formula 1 drivers fear the racing will be worse in 2020 based on testing.

Last year saw the FIA introduce changes to the front and rear wings as well as other aerodynamic tweaks to try and improve the issue of turbulent air and the reaction was mixed.

But with another winter of car development, the general consensus is any improvements have now been lost.

“It is pretty dirty, but I feel we're going quicker than last year again, Turns 2 and 3 are easy flat, Turn 9 is for more or less every lap, not with fuel but low fuel,” Daniel Ricciardo said via Crash.net

“So the dirty air we are creating is more because of the speed we’re going, and trying to travel close behind another car you still feel it. 

“Unfortunately a track like this [Barcelona] with a lot of high-speed corners in the first two sectors it is very hard to stay close to a car. 

“I’d like to say it’s better but it is certainly not and maybe a bit worse.” 

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The Australian's former Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel agreed, adding: “I actually enjoy it [the fight], but I think the car is probably a little bit worse this year for following and passing.

“Everybody is trying to put more downforce on the car which means we are more worried about needing clean air where it matters on your car. 

“So whatever comes out, in the end, you are not too worried but if you are the car behind it is not nice but we will wait and see.”

Of course, 2020 is the final year with the current designs before an all-new car is introduced next season which has been created specifically to overcome the issue of turbulent air.