Red Bull: Fallout from Ferrari/FIA engine settlement 'will be picked up later'

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner says the team will continue their quest for answers from the FIA over their private engine settlement with Ferrari.

To refresh, just as pre-season testing was ending in February, the governing body announced it had reached an agreement with the Italian team following a technical investigation into whether their power unit from last year complied with the regulations.

The argument was whether Ferrari was had found a way to circumvent the FIA's fuel flow sensors, with a limit of 100kg per hour imposed, but despite suspicions, it was clarified a conclusion could not be made definitively, resulting in the settlement.

Later, six Formula 1 teams threatened legal action unless the governing body released details and that still stands, although Mercedes, who initiated the push at first, later pulled out leaving Red Bull to take over.

"At the moment that is secondary to the issues F1 is facing," Horner told the BBC. "That will be picked up and addressed at a later date.

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"We have raised some questions to the FIA. What I would say is that a confidential agreement regarding the technical compliance of a competitor's car is obviously something that raises questions.

"I'm sure at the relevant time we will have a conversation with Jean to try to understand why and what that agreement consists of."

Red Bull, and the other four teams, are potentially seeking financial compensation over the matter, believing if Ferrari's car was illegal, they should be disqualified from last year's Constructors' Championship.