Ecclestone: If F1 has a 2020 season, Hamilton could win every race

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Bernie Ecclestone fears Lewis Hamilton would win every race if Formula 1 managed to hold a championship in 2020.

Currently, the first nine races of the year have either been cancelled or postponed, with the Canadian Grand Prix the latest to do the latter on Tuesday.

Already, the former F1 supremo admits he would have cancelled this season and reiterated his position that he doesn't see enough countries ready to host a race.

“We should stop the championship this year and start again next year, hopefully, because I can’t see it’s going to be possible to get the right amount of races in that count for a championship,” the 89-year-old said on BBC Radio 5 Live.

“There’s got to be eight from memory, and I can’t see them getting that in. It’s a difficult situation.”

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If a big enough calendar is formed, however, Ecclestone only sees one winner, the man going in search of a record-equalling seventh F1 crown.

“I don’t think it will make a lot of difference to Lewis, he would win whatever the race number, whether it be eight, 16 or 20," he claimed.

“If it’s a World Championship and he wins, it would go on his record and say he has won a World Championship.

“The terrible thing is he could win all eight races and it wouldn’t be a super championship.”

One circuit offering to help F1 make up for lost races is Silverstone, though its own event, the British GP, is itself looking increasingly unlikely to happen as scheduled on July 19.

And Bernie, who has had a mixed history to say the least with the circuit, doesn't think they need to worry about F1.

“I think they’ve got themselves organised well and truly not to have to rely entirely on Formula 1 for everything,” he told the UK radio station.

“They’ve got a very good brand and they do a lot of other things. Whether they would be able to continue all the stuff they do outside of Formula 1, at the moment I don’t know.

“It’s no more easy for them than anyone else at the moment. I think everyone’s having to look at what they’ve done and can do in the future.”