Ricciardo: I can beat the best but only one thing can prove that

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Daniel Ricciardo still believes he can "beat the best in the world" but only a Formula 1 championship will prove that to himself.

The Australian has shown signs of being a potential F1 champion during his stint at the front of the grid, whether it be beating Sebastian Vettel in his first year at Red Bull in 2014, to his brilliant wins in China and Monaco in 2018.

However, Ricciardo has never had the machinery to launch a full championship charge and now, stuck in the midfield at Renault, it does feel as though the 30-year-old is wasting the best years of his career.

The main himself though remains convinced that future success in F1 is possible.

“I feel as far as I’m evolving as a driver and a person that, if I was in a fight for the world title today, I think I have all the attributes and composure to handle the pressure,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

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“Since I was young, I was a competitor. I hated losing. I guess I got here because I love competition and I believe in myself, that I can beat the best in the world.

“I’m just trying to prove that to myself really and ultimately, a world title will give me that proof.

“As long as I’m fit and healthy, I’ll keep doing it until I get it. That’s what I’m after.”

Ricciardo, who has one more year left in his initial Renault contract, may have a possible opportunity to return to the front with Ferrari in 2021, but that, of course, depends on if Vettel leaves the Scuderia at the end of this season.

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In the meantime, the 'Honey Badger' is waiting, like the rest of us, for the racing to recommence and has been keeping us all entertained with his exploits at the farm in Perth.

"I'm doing pretty well," he said of how he's coping through this period.

"I'm trying to keep myself fit, that's the most important thing for now. I sit here with Michael, my physio.

"It is still quite warm here, so we can train outside to be ready for the moment we can drive again," he added.

"I hope the virus disappears and people recover quickly so that the world can pick up again and we can race again."