Portimao could finally bring F1 back to Portugal after gaining Grade 1 status

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The Algarve International Circuit, better known as Portimao, could finally host a Formula 1 race after getting Grade 1 status from the FIA.

Set in the hills overlooking the beachside town, the undulating track appeared destined for a strong F1 presence when it was opened back in 2008 and held a winter test in January of 2009.

After that, however, the sport never returned but now the venue has not only been upgraded to host testing but also, possibly, a Grand Prix.

Portugal hasn't been on the calendar since 1996 - when the race took place at the country's most famous circuit at Estoril, but a slot could open up as the Spanish GP looks unlikely to continue in Barcelona.

Jerez is reportedly considering taking over from the Catalan track but if it doesn't, Portimao may be an option to maintain F1's presence on the Iberian Penninsula.

Of course, there would be the financial aspect of hosting a race and, while stunning, logistically, the location is hard to get to.

But Portimao is an underrated gem as a circuit and would be a great addition to F1 in the future.