Kvyat: F1 move to St. Petersburg will 'bring Russia closer to the racing world'

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Daniil Kvyat says Formula 1's proposed Russian Grand Prix move to St. Petersburg will bring the country "closer to the racing world".

This year's event is rumoured to be the last at the current venue at Sochi's Olympic Park, which has never really captured the imagination of fans or drivers since first hosting races in 2014.

Its replacement would be the new Igora Drive track, which opened last year, and has the backing of president Vladimir Putin, who was born in the city of St. Petersburg.

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And while the Black Sea resort is a popular destination for tourists, Kvyat says the new circuit's location, near one of Russia's main population hubs, will bring major benefits to the GP.

“Yes, I would say very excited. If it happens, it’s going to be mega," the AlphaTauri driver, and one of only three Russians to compete in F1, told Sky Sports.

“I think obviously Sochi’s great still but if you go to St. Petersburg, I always said that we will be closer to Europe and more people from Scandinavian countries will be able to join.

“It’s going to be cool and it’s going to bring I think Russia a bit closer to the racing world.”

Already, DTM, W Series and World RX have announced future events there, though no official announcement on F1's expected switch has been made yet.