Hamilton focused more on results than money in his final F1 years

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Lewis Hamilton says results will be more important than money during his final years on the Formula 1 grid.

Now 35, the six-time world champion may well be negotiating his last contract with Mercedes this year before calling time on his legendary career.

One potential area of conflict though might be the salary Hamilton would demand from the German manufacturer, with a current deal at £40million a year at a time when parent company Daimler is looking to cut costs.

However, he played that down, admitting his actual focus, looking ahead, is on his non-F1 activities

“When I joined the team, I opened up doors to be able to do things like [my] partnership with Tommy [Hilfiger],” RaceFans quoted Hamilton as telling Sky Sports' Martin Brundle.

“If we hadn’t had this earlier discussion, Tommy wouldn’t be a part of our team, I wouldn’t be able to do the great things that I’m doing.

“So just small bits we have to tweak here and there which enable those things, which then don’t take away from the primary goal, which is to win world titles.

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“Every year your life is moving and shifting and your plan for your next five years is always different," he added.

"Obviously I’m going into potentially my last period of time in my sport and of course you want to maximise financially but it’s more about results.

"It’s about the journey and the destination and the other things that you’re doing also that complement that.”

Hamilton also paid tribute to Mercedes boss Toto Wolff for allowing him the freedom to take on other projects such as his Tommy fashion range.

But because of his other activities, it has often been speculated Lewis could lose the passion for F1 and retire suddenly ala Nico Rosberg.

In a recent Instagram post though, the Briton admits how the wait for the 2020 season has only reminded him of his wish to get out on track.

"I miss racing every day. This is the first time since I was 8 that I haven't started a season," Hamilton wrote.

"When you live and breathe something you love, when it's gone there's definitely a big void. But there's always positives to take from these times.

"Right now, we all have time in the world to reflect on life, our decisions, our goals, the people we have around us, our careers," he noted.

"Let's come out of this as a new us, a new reinvigorated you, fitter, healthier and more focused but above all, kinder, more generous and gracious and caring for our world and the people in it."