Ricciardo predicts 'chaos' in early F1 2020 races

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Daniel Ricciardo believes Formula 1 can expect "chaos" when the season gets underway later this year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the sport is set for the longest gap between races in its history with a seven-month gap between the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last December and the planned Austrian Grand Prix in July.

And after such a prolonged period without racing, the Australian is pretty sure it will have an effect on the quality of the racing.

"Some form of chaos, hopefully in a controlled manner," Ricciardo told BBC Radio 5 Live on what he expects the first race to be like.

"I am not really referencing cars everywhere, but there is going to be so much rust, a combination of emotion, excitement, eagerness. Everyone is going to be ready to go.

"You are going to get some guys who perform on that level of adrenalin and others who might not. So you're going to get some bold overtakes, some miscalculated ones. You're going to see a bit of everything, I'm sure."

Another factor Ricciardo thinks could feature is a lack of fitness as some drivers readapt to the strain from the G-forces, this despite all of them currently doing their best to stay sharp at home.

"If this was my first year or two in F1, if I was still not completely adapted to it, my answer would be yes," he said on if fitness will play a part.

"But winter testing is normally a good reference point. My first few winter testings, day one always felt like a bit of a shock to the system again. And the further my career has gone on, the less of a shock that has been.

"The rookies, the first-year, second-year guys, will feel it a little bit more," the Renault driver predicted.

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