Wolff lays blame at Binotto for Ferrari woes: 'I can't listen to that anymore'

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes the blame for Ferrari's poor performance lies squarely on the shoulders of team boss Mattia Binotto.

Expectations had been lowered in the build-up to this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix, with Binotto revealing the Scuderia was "significantly" changing course in the development of the SF1000 due to aerodynamic issues.

But even Ferrari was surprised when Racing Point, McLaren and even Renault potentially were faster in qualifying at the Red Bull Ring, as Sebastian Vettel missed out on Q3 in 11th and Charles Leclerc salvaged P7.

Most notable though was both drivers were slowest overall in the speed trap on the straight to Turn 3, and while it is believed this year's car is very draggy, this also appears a clear signal that the revised 2020 engine is down on power compared to last year's controversial unit.

“I don’t want to comment on this, I think enough has been said,” Wolff said on whether it was a coincidence Ferrari had lost its straight-line speed advantage after the FIA directives following their investigation of its 2019 engine.

“I don’t want to talk about Ferrari, this is more about the way things are being managed and therefore, let’s not go back there. I think everything has been said back and forth.

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“They haven’t shown great performance today, we want them to be competitive and race with us, race under the same rules.

“And nothing would make me more happy than if we would have three or four teams being competitive out there and giving us a run for our money.”

The Mercedes boss also appeared to dismiss Ferrari's belief they are struggling with a lack of downforce, again pinning the blame on Binotto.

“Not they have talked it down, but Mattia has talked it down and I can’t listen to that anymore," he added.

Wolff concluded by offering this message to the Tifosi, when asked how he'd try and put a positive spin on their performance.

“I’d like to cheer everybody up at Ferrari because this is a fantastic company with fantastic people but I have no reason to cheer Mattia up,” he replied.

Perhaps it should be reminded that the Austrian is out of contract at Mercedes at the end of this year, and while he is expected to stay on in some capacity, could Toto be sensing an opportunity at Ferrari?