Ricciardo: Vettel feeling the same as I did last year with Red Bull

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Daniel Ricciardo believes Sebastian Vettel is having the same feelings at Ferrari as he did during his final season with Red Bull.

There is increasing scrutiny on the four-time world champion after another key error at the British Grand Prix, as he ploughed into Max Verstappen moments after being overtaken by the Dutchman.

And with results not going his way plus the pressure of an up and coming star alongside in Charles Leclerc, Ricciardo does see some similarities to his experience last year.

"Maybe he's experiencing something like what I felt a year ago: frustrated and vulnerable," the Renault driver told Italy's Corriere della Sera.

"But he remains a fast driver and can always win a title. The only doubt: does he still know how to keep up top form across a season?"

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A similar question was posed by Sky Sports pundit Martin Brundle post-Silverstone, who asked if Vettel had perhaps lost a step as he enters a different stage of his F1 career.

And with speculation of the German possibly retiring at the end of 2019, Ricciardo does see some wavering.

"In some situations he had a loss of motivation, seeing that he could not impose himself," Ricciardo stated.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has continued to support Vettel, and again brushed off any suggestion of him calling it a day.

“I think that Sebastian is very happy at the moment,” he declared.

“He would’ve been happier if he was winning races and having more performance in the car, but I see that he is still really willing to race to win, I think it’s his dream and unique objective to win with Ferrari.

“So no doubt that he’s looking at the future as a person with full commitment and interest.”