Magnussen says drivers should be allowed to race 'naturally' in F1

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Kevin Magnussen says Formula 1 drivers should be allowed to race "naturally" following recent controversies.

In Canada and Austria, the race was decided in the stewards' room with narrow calls seeing victory taken away from Sebastian Vettel in Montreal and kept by Max Verstappen in Spielberg.

Reflecting on the latter incident first between the Dutchman and Charles Leclerc, Magnussen rubbished the need for the race officials to even get involved after the Ferrari had been bumped off track at Turn 3.

“I think if you are on the outside on a tight corner like that you are always going to be vulnerable and I think racing should just happen naturally and whoever is actually stronger on track should win,” the Haas driver said.

“I think it’s good that we are allowed to put our elbows out and in that instance, there was contact but it’s natural there was contact because Leclerc hung onto the outside.”

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Comparing that to Vettel and Lewis Hamilton's close call in Montreal, the Dane thinks the same approach should have been taken.

“Yeah they are different incidents like the one in Canada was re-joining the track in a safe manner and this one was just a slight collision during an overtaking move,” he noted.

“They are very different, but I don’t think any of them should have been penalised.”