FIA clear Mercedes of breaking shutdown rules after Hamilton comments

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Mercedes has fended off an FIA investigation after comments by Lewis Hamilton raised questions over their summer activities.

During the four-week break, all teams must enact a two-week shutdown of activities to give team members some much-needed time off.

However, speaking on Thursday, the five-time Formula 1 champion revealed he was still discussing matters with Mercedes.

“We had a bit of dialogue with the team which we generally don’t usually have during the break, just trying to see what else we can do to improve,” he explained.

“Whether it is communication, whether that means arriving one minute earlier to a meeting, or whatever it may be. We are just looking at all areas.”

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When race director Michael Masi heard what Hamilton had said, he reached out to Mercedes for clarification on when the contact was made.

“Lewis was referring to contact with the team during the week after Hungary, when he had begun his summer break but the team was still working until the following Friday, when our [official] shutdown period began for the mandatory two weeks,” was their response.

Masi accepted this meaning no formal investigation was launched by the FIA.