Spa reveal Eau Rouge change for 2022, reaffirms F1 future after Hubert tragedy

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Spa-Francorchamps is to alter the run-off area going uphill through Eau Rouge & Raidillion in time for 2022.

In an effort to make the iconic sweep safer, the gravel traps which caused the big crashes of both BAR cars in 1999 were replaced with tarmac.

However, as the Belgian circuit looks to gain Grade C status with the FIM, motorcycle racing's version of the FIA, that change is to be reversed.

"No changes to the track itself will be undertaken at Raidillon," circuit boss Nathalie Maillet was quoted by F1i as telling Belga.

"However, what is certain is that we will install gravel traps. The standards for motorcycles are stricter. So the upgrade for motorcycles will have positive consequences for cars.

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"Currently, we're debating where to put the gravel traps and their level of depth and also, if they need to cover the entire length of a corner."

What is known is the run-off area at the top of the hill will not be altered, this being where Anthoine Hubert was hit and tragically killed during the F2 race this past weekend.

And as the motorsport community continues to get to grips with what happened, the Spa chief insists there will be no impact on F1's future at the historic circuit.

"What happened was unfortunate, and reminds us that a zero risk does not exist," Maillet stated.

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"The circuit has always worked hand in hand with the FIA for the benefit of safety. We will now await the results of the FIA's investigation into the exact causes of the accident.

"This does not call into question the future presence of F1 at Spa," she insisted. "What happened was a racing incident.

"Of course, we're all affected by this. We must continue to develop the track."