Red Bull drivers hope upgrades can offset power concerns

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Red Bull drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, are hoping continued upgrades brought to the RB13 can offset concerns of engine performance at the next three races.

Team boss Christian Horner had earlier admitted he expects the former Constructors' champions to struggle to repeat the podium results Red Bull has achieved at the last two races, as the power-sensitive circuits in Montreal, Baku and Austria would highlight their main weakness, the Renault power unit.

But Ricciardo, who was responsible for the third place trophies in Spain and Monaco, believes it will be a waiting game to judge their performance.

“Not as good as Monaco,” the 27-year-old conceded. We have quite a few new parts on the car this week and we are at a point now where a bit like last year we are starting to slowly improve and accelerate, so our development will match the tracks so I don’t think we will fall behind too much.

“We will stay in there. I don’t expect us to be too bad. Baku, we don’t really know. Last year we were not competitive in the race, but we had a lot of tyre overheating and that. Qualifying we were not too bad, so Baku is still an unknown.

“Here we can be at least the third best team, but I don’t think we will be too far off. I wouldn’t expect to be a second off in qualifying but let’s see.”

Team-mate Max Verstappen largely repeated the Australian's comments though did admit Red Bull may have to rely on incidents ahead to gain places.

The Dutchman also revealed he is still trying to put the events of Monaco behind him, where a call to pit early left him stuck behind the Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas.

"I'm obviously still not happy about it, to be honest," Verstappen said. "You can't change the situation so I didn't really think about racing too much after the Monaco Grand Prix. I enjoyed time with my friends and family and here we are again we just try to do a better job.

"For me, it's very difficult to see that because I don't know what's happening behind me, I don't know who's stopping. I'm just following the instructions.

"But to be honest I said to myself I don't want to think about it anymore. It's done now. I don't really want to talk about it too much."